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Aligning your entire organization towards strategy execution

Three out of four strategies are not executed as planned because of the complexities in the process overall.DecideAct's strategy execution software offers unique solutions even to the most complex multi layered enterprise strategies.


We understand why strategies fail

There is no systematic approach to ensure strategic alignment

Strategy follow-up is old-fashioned, manual and not tangible

Employees are uninvolved and cannot see how they can contribute to the strategy

Executives and boards have no measurable way to monitor strategy execution

DecideAct digitalizes Strategy Execution Management and creates full transparency in the execution process

The infrastructure for your strategy

DecideAct provides the right tool for your strategic planning

With the Software, you can seamlessly translate your strategic plans into actionable tasks and monitor their progress in real-time. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, DecideAct offers the tools you need to streamline your decision-making process and drive results.

Understand what we heading

DecideAct is like GPS for your strategy helping you reach your business goal

With DecideAct, you can set clear objectives, establish key performance indicators, and track progress towards your desired outcomes. Whether you need to pivot quickly in response to market changes or stay the course towards a long-term goal, DecideAct provides the roadmap and insights to help you make informed decisions and stay on track.

Full transparency

Dashboards drive execution and engagement

Our platform provides a comprehensive dashboard that displays real-time data on key performance indicators, allowing you to easily monitor progress towards your goals and identify areas that need attention. With intuitive visualizations and easy-to-understand metrics, your team can make informed decisions and stay focused on what matters.

Engage your entire organization in making your corporate strategy happen

Purpose built for Enterprises


Streamlined Execution

DecideAct helps enterprise companies align goals, objectives, and actions across teams, improving coordination and collaboration for efficient strategy execution.


Real-time Monitoring

The software enables real-time tracking of performance metrics and progress towards strategic goals, allowing for prompt decision-making and proactive adjustments.


Accountability and Transparency

DecideAct fosters a culture of accountability and transparency by providing visibility into responsibilities, deadlines, and progress, enhancing employee engagement and commitment.


Data-driven Decision Making

The software facilitates data-driven decision making through analytics and reporting, enabling insights into strategy effectiveness and informed adjustments.