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SEM Guide

25+ years of experience in Strategy Execution Management summarized in one simple guide.

Assess the KPI Maturity of your company

Test the KPIs maturity of your company and find out how KPIs can contribute to enhancing quality and speed in strategy execution while maximizing your organization's strategy impact. 

Why Most Strategies Die - Running vs change the business

Find out why most strategies die and learn how to solve the strategic conflict: Running the Business versus Changing the Business.

Strategy Maturity Survey

Learn more about the best-performing organizations in strategy execution and what they do differently.

Bold Strategy Magazine (Issue 1)

50+ pages of crucial thoughts, experiences, guidance, and practical application.

Bold Strategy Magazine (Issue 2)

In this Bold Strategy Magazine, you can read a series of articles based on excerpts from DecideAct Conference: Strategies for the Supply Sector in a Geopolitical Energy Crisis.

Take The Strategy Maturity Test

Do you know your strategy maturity score? Take a short 2min test to find out