Top management solution for strategy implementation and follow up

Bridging the gap between strategy design and implementation. DecideAct turns the dream of clear strategic alignment and governance into reality

Strategy gets lost in implementation

of all leaders feel they are not good at strategy implementation

of companies do not employ an effective strategic control system

of organisations do not track KPIs that indicates their performance against competition

of leadership teams spend less than 1 hour per month discussing strategy

DecideAct is to strategy what the accounting system is to financials

It makes implementation of your business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as financial performance.

transform your strategic decision into action with decide act

The software supports conventional strategic framework and those customised by your organisation


Accountability & Alignment

A simple to use premium tool for Executives to assign strategic accountability ensuring strategic alignment and implementation.

Leadership by Design

Optimises and streamlines leadership by managing the complexity of implementation and applying a strategic framework.

Strategic Governance

Makes the follow-up as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as your financial performance.

clients who are seeing the benefits

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Strategic Execution

Establishes strategic framework and effective strategic execution, clear strategic accountability and reporting, and ensures strategic implementation.

KPI Monitor

Monitors strategic KPIs the way your accounting system monitors financials, with a wide range of statistics. DecideAct attaches Key Performance Indicators to the Corporate Strategic Framework.

Beyond Budgeting

Beyond Budgeting module complements the financial budgeting procedures and ensures comparison between strategic execution of KPIs and budget allocations with constant clarity on deviations.

Power your strategy and gain total control, accountability and implementation

Implementing leadership by design, eliminating one man strategy dependency, aligning the organisation towards business goals and the strategy.