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Let's rethink the way strategy is implemented.

Upcoming Events


Live Demo - 60 min

How to succeed with Strategy Execution Management?
16 January 2024 - 09:00 EST ONLINE

What gets measured gets done! Learn why careful action, consistency, and transparency in measuring and communicating progress are all vital to successful Strategy Execution Management.

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Empowering CMOs: Mastering Strategy Execution with Cutting-Edge Tools
1 February 2024 - 09:00 EST ONLINE

Join us as we unlock the secrets to leveraging the right tools and strategies, propelling your organization to new heights of growth and innovation.

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What’s Bold Strategy?

The Bold Strategy is an ongoing information sharing project to rethink strategy execution management. It’s based on 3 main initiatives.
Bold Strategy Summit

Bold Strategy Summit is a conference designed for top level executives that take strategy seriously and want to discover how to execute and implement strategy in a modern and agile way.


Bold Strategy Event/Roundtable has the same principles of the Bold Strategy Summit but it’s in a small format, with less people.

Bold Strategy Magazine

With our Bold Strategy Magazine you will get access to valuable informations that has been written by top leaders in the world of strategy execution.