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Service Level Agreement

1.   Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This Service Level Agreement defines terms and conditions for maintenance and customer support performed by DecideAct Solutions IVS for the customer, in the following referred to as “the Customer”.

The Service Level Agreement covers the software known as DecideAct, which is a tool used to account for and monitor strategic initiatives as related to the corporate strategy at hand. 

The Service Level Agreement is valid when the Customer has a valid subscription for products covered by the Service Level Agreement.

DecideAct Solutions IVS reserves the right to change, amend, or revise the Service Level Agreement at any time.

Changes or revisions to the Service Level Agreement are effective when posted to www.decideact.net.

2.   Customer support

DecideAct Solutions IVS provides these maintenance and customer support for the Customer:

  • Error report handling and incident management
  • Workaround solutions as and when needed
  • Requests for information only

While this Service Level Agreement is valid and the Customer has a valid subscription for products covered by this Service Level Agreement.

3.   Incident Management
3.1 Requesting service or submitting incidents

Service requests and incident reporting must be submitted in English through the DecideAct customer support via web support.decideact.net or Via email: support@decideact.net .

3.2. Customer support business hours

DecideAct Solutions IVS provides access to support for the Customer.

Customer support handles requests about DecideAct Solutions IVS products and operations.

DecideAct customer support is available (in English) on business days:

     Monday through Friday from 09.00-17.00 CET, excluding statutory holidays

3.3. Error reporting procedure
3.3.1. Request by phone or E-mail

Phone or E-mail support is available during customer support opening hours.

Phone: tel: +1 (949) 6709 224

E-mail: support@decideact.net

3.4 Response and resolution times
3.4.1. Response and resolution definitions

The definition of “response” is confirmation to the Customer that the incident was received and registered by DecideAct Solutions IVS help desk.

“Response time” is defined as the time it takes for DecideAct Solutions IVS to confirm that the reported incident has been registered.

The definition of “resolution” is the sum of the involved phases it takes to resolve the reported incident by DecideAct Solutions IVS.

“Resolution time” is defined as the time it takes for DecideAct Solutions IVS to investigate and implement a resolution, or to investigate and confirm a reasonable time estimate for implementation of a resolution.

A “workaround solution” is a temporary remedy required to eliminate an error. Workaround solutions may cause minor restrictions in system performance or available system functionality. 

A “permanent fix” is the actions required to prevent the reoccurrence of an error and any underlying causes of a problem. When a permanent fix is implemented, the system is restored to full functionality and performance.

Response times and resolution times are effective within the standard customer support opening hours defined in section: Customer support business hours.

3.4.2. Severity definitions


Severity Description (1st suggestion)
Critical Highly critical impact on a product or live environment.Catastrophic production problem which may severely impact the Customer's production or live environment systems, causing loss of production data or service. No procedural workaround exists. Continued lack of availability.No workaround exists.
High High impact on a production or live environment.Problem where the Customer's system is functioning but at severely reduced capacity. The situation is causing significant impact to parts of the Customer's business operations and productivity. The system is exposed to potential data loss or interruption of service.Irregular service interruptions.No reliable workaround exists.
Medium Minor impact on a production or live environment.A medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial non-critical functionality loss and may interrupt some operations but allows the Customer to continue to function. This may be a minor issue with limited loss or no loss of functionality or impact to the Customer's operation. This includes documentation errors. Minimal reduction or interruption of the business processes.Workaround exists.
Low No direct impact on the production or live environment.A request for information only or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification. There is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the product.No reduction of the business processes.Workaround may exist.


3.4.3. Response and resolution times on software incidents


Severity Response time Resolution time
Critical 4 hours Up to 3 business days
High 8 hours Up to 5 business days
Medium 24 hours Software release cycle
Low 24 hours Software release cycle


3.4.4. Response and resolution times on hosting incidents
Severity Response time Resolution time
Critical 2 hours 6 hours
High 8 hours 2 business days
Medium 1 business day 5 business days
Low 2 business days 10 business days
4.   Exclusions

DecideAct Solutions IVS will make every effort to solve critical and high severity errors reported by the Customer within a reasonable time frame and to the satisfaction of the Customer. 

DecideAct Solutions IVS is not obliged to prioritize or implement software feature requests from the Customer. 

DecideAct Solutions IVS is not responsible for correcting any errors not attributable to DecideAct Solutions IVS. Errors attributable to DecideAct Solutions IVS are those that can be reproduced by DecideAct Solutions IVS on software which is either unmodified or modified by DecideAct Solutions IVS.

DecideAct Solutions IVS is not required to provide any maintenance or customer support relating to problems caused by:

  • Changes to the operating system or use of the software on equipment other than the equipment for which the software was designed and licensed, unless such changes are approved in writing by DecideAct Solutions IVS. 
  • Any alterations of or additions to the software by parties other than DecideAct Solutions IVS, unless such alterations or additions are made at the direction of or with the written approval of DecideAct Solutions IVS.
  • Use of the software or service in a manner for which it was not designed, contrary to the proper use which is described in the documentation.
  • Accident, negligence, or misuse of the software.
  • Interconnection of the Software with other software products not supplied or approved in writing by DecideAct Solutions IVS.

If DecideAct Solutions IVS does not agree with the severity classification of an error reported by the Customer, DecideAct Solutions IVS is entitled to escalate the classification within the organization of the Customer and DecideAct Solutions IVS.

5.   Systems Management 

To ensure an uninterrupted and predictable Service Level, DecideAct Solutions IVS proactively collects statistics for the services covered by this Service Level Agreement. 

Based on these statistics, DecideAct Solutions IVS performs maintenance and scales the services covered by the current Service Level Agreement.

5.1. Availability of software and services hosted by DecideAct Solutions IVS

DecideAct will ensure that solutions or services hosted by DecideAct Solutions IVS are available for at least 99.00 % in average per month measured over a period of three calendar months. 

Availability is measured for the system as whole, excluding unavailability caused by public Internet unavailability beyond the control of DecideAct Solutions IVS.

The availability percent figure is calculated as shown here:

( available operation hours / agreed upon operation hours ) x 100

The term “Available operation hours” means the agreed upon operation hours with subtraction of hours where the system or a part of it cannot be used for error free operation due to errors in the delivery, or where the response times do not fulfill the requirements.

Operational hindrances, which the Customer can be held responsible for, or disturbances from external sources - like power failure, errors in public data transmission network, etc. - are not subtracted from the “available operation hours”.

The “agreed upon operation hours” is defined as 24 hours per day, 365 days per year minus planned hours where the hosted solution or service is taken down for maintenance.

DecideAct Solutions IVS is not liable for errors made worse as a result of a failure by the Customer to timely notify DecideAct Solutions IVS of alarms or errors in the system, or if the Customer fails to take appropriate corrective action in accordance with the standard maintenance instructions, resulting in an error or outage.

Our servers are cloud based and currently on the Amazon Cloud (AWS), depending on the size of license and geographical location. We follow standard guidelines for operating cloud based solutions. 

5.2. Backup and Restore plan

All services covered by this Service Level Agreement are backed up every day.

The backup data is placed at a secure external location to ensure data separation. 

DecideAct Solutions IVS will store backup data for no more and no less than 30 days.

If it is deemed necessary to restore service data from a backup, the restore process can impact the service availability for up to 2 working days. 

The objective of the backup and restore plan is to ensure that DecideAct Solutions IVS is able to respond to a disaster or other emergency that affects information systems and minimize the effect on the operation of the business.

5.3. Service Windows
5.3.1. Maintenance window

Standard server maintenance window is scheduled for each Sunday.

EU-Environment: 10.00pm – 04.00am CET

US-Environment: 10.00pm – 04.00am PST

SG-Environment: 10.00pm – 04.00am SCT

To ensure stability and minimum impact on production environment the timing and planning of modifications in the production environments are coordinated internally in DecideAct according to ITIL Change Management procedure.

5.3.2. Upgrade window

This window is planned according to the roadmap for the product or service in question and is communicated via official release notes or service notifications to the Customer.

To ensure minimum impact on other processing activities the timing and planning of modifications in the production environments are coordinated internally in DecideAct according to ITIL Change Management procedure.

5.4. Communication about emergency maintenance

In case of emergency maintenance due to fatal errors in the production system or fatal errors in the software, information will be communicated to the Customer.

5.5. Communication about disturbance or downtime

In case of unscheduled downtime or instability of the services covered by the current Service Level Agreement, information will be communicated to the Customer.

The communication will contain the following information:

  • A timestamp of the downtime or instability.
  • A description of the impact on the Customer’s services or configuration.
  • An estimated resolution time.