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Xenocs SAS
Nanoscale Material Analysis
Enterprise Solution

Peter Høghøj & Frédéric Bossan

How Xenocs gained a common focus on its strategy execution and ambitious growth journey

Company overview

Xenocs SAS is a worldwide technological leader in nanoscale material analysis with presence in more than 30 countries, and in all continents. Xenocs was founded in 2000, and the company has embarked on an explosive growth journey with units and employees in many countries. In 2021 the company decided to move its manual strategy implementation and execution to a digital platform to create a better overview and alignment throughout the organization and to manage and monitor business case investments.

Business Issues

  • Strategy implementation was not tangible, transparent and quantifiable.
  • Difficult to monitor growth targets and major strategic development tasks in several different counties. 
  • No comprehensive overview of status and progress for strategy execution.

The Solution

  • The monitoring of strategy execution was moved to a comprehensive digital solution.
  • A simple overview of strategy execution was created with DecideAct as a common platform.

The Benefits

  • The governance structure enables alignment and good communication between employees across borders.
  • Clear common focus on the strategy execution and the ambitious growth journey Xenocs has embarked on.
  • Stronger involvement of employees across different countries.
  • Digital transformation has provided an opportunity to reconcile responsibilities, roles and commitment throughout the organization.

"In a context of growth and development of our company, we see DecideAct as a powerful means of securing efficient strategy, visibility, execution and success!

Peter Høghøj