Strategy Execution Management Platform

Start implementing your strategy with an integrated application platform that delivers transparency, accountability, follow-up, and governance

Business as usual or strategy implemented?

DecideAct makes implementing your business strategy as tangible, transparent, and quantifiable as financial performance. Strategic accounting is clear and unambiguous. Automatic follow-up ensures that your initiatives are carried out on schedule.

How DecideAct works

DecideAct helps management clarify and follow up on strategic decisions, ensuring that tasks are accomplished according to plan and on time.

DecideAct is intuitive and easy to use. It requires no extensive training or special qualifications, and since it is cloud-based, it is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Now you can focus on overall management tasks instead of cracking the whip!

Strategy Execution

Ensure effective strategic governance, clear accountability and reporting, and be assured of your strategy’s success.

No need for meetings to get status updates! Just track progress the same as you would with your financial system.

DecideAct supports all frameworks including Balanced Scorecard, Pillars and Critical Success Factors, Objective Key Results, or your company’s own customized framework.

Analyze and Report

Where are we right now? What needs attention? What needs to be done right now? And by whom?

Gain valuable insights into your strategy’s execution and performance. Enable your teams to make decisions quickly and confidently.

Connect, display, and analyze your data in third-party data visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau. 

Automated follow-up

DecideAct’s algorithms take care of detailed management with nudges (friendly reminders) that motivate people to finish their tasks on time.

The system is self-learning and adapts to individual preferences and work methods. DecideAct can be customized to limit reminders, serving only as a supportive tool when required. This enables teams to be accountable for their performance and delivery without pressure or intrusion.

Beyond budgeting

This module complements financial budgeting procedures by ensuring coordination of strategic execution, KPIs, and budget allocations.

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Born to connect

DecideAct is built to make integration with your existing IT infrastructure easy and painless.


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DecideAct is a cloud-based strategy execution management & governance platform that makes fulfilling business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as tracking financial performance.
DecideAct is headquartered in Nexø, Denmark.

DecideAct - Make Strategy Walk the Talk™