Strategic accountability

EU Regional FundOne of the most challenging aspects of management today is how to implement strategic decisions and ensure strategic alignment and accountability throughout the organization. For this to succeed, every single employee must be aware of his or her role and know precisely what to do and why. All elements of the process must also be transparent and synchronized for everything to happen at the right time.

This complexity makes it difficult to maintain an overview from a directory level to the individual organizational units that are accountable for carrying out their part of the strategy. This challenge was precisely the incentive for creating the world’s first software system that focuses 100% on strategic accountability.

Congruence and alignment are the two main leadership tasks in an organization. Once they are in place, you will have an organization full of energy and drive and operating at full capacity – releasing its potential.

Establish strategic accountability

The ability to account for your actions
Strategic accountability means being responsible for actions and/or results promised to the team, within the scope of your role and authority. Strategic authority is therefore the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

Whereas financial accountability means answering for financial results, strategic accountability goes beyond compliance to focus on strategy, innovation and performance. Strategic accountability is the key for aligning all members of the organization to its strategy for long-term success. When properly applied, strategic accountability drives learning, influences decision-making to secure logical relationships between decisions and strategy, and promotes innovation in implementing decisions to achieve maximum success.

Strategic accountability is not just about doing; it is about getting things done in the most appropriate way to achieve the desired results.  Thus, the accountable individual may not necessarily accomplish certain tasks themselves, but delegate ― coordinate the best resources to achieve the desired results.

Accountability defines who is responsible for the right things to happen, and that the desired outcome (financial or strategic) is realized in each case.

Ensure strategic governance

DecideAct is a software management tool that automatically tracks and follows up on initiatives that are critical to the success of your business. DecideAct is to strategy what the accounting system is to accounting. The software handles the complexity of your business strategy and makes it as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as financial performance. In short, it ensures strategic governance.

DecideAct is the strategy stakeholder that never sleeps. The tireless digital helper sends friendly reminders, secures progress and provides an up-to-date overview. Everyone involved is held accountable for their contribution to the implementation of the strategy and for meeting deadlines. The solution ensures that the right people receive virtual nudges that are easily answered with a status update.

The system works on PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone and the user interface is simple and freed from complicated project management features. Behind the scenes is an advanced technical module that can handle extremely complicated sets of data and ensure integration with the current technology infrastructure of your business.

Urgent vs. important distinguishes between daily tasks that must be accomplished (urgent) and strategic initiatives to deliver desired long-term results (important). Since urgent, daily tasks tend to receive priority, it is necessary to make room for strategic initiatives and assign accountability accordingly. Doing this is a conscious attempt to implement the strategy.

Strong strategic alignment

All important strategic decisions are entered and transferred directly to the DecideAct system as specific initiatives with start and end dates as well as the accountable person and a sponsor. And all data is encrypted and handled with the same level of security as monetary transactions.

The tool ensures alignment of organizational priorities and strategies, and motivates individuals to implement strategic resolutions and initiatives. DecideAct is a solid framework for high-performance teams and a strong platform for the development of a dynamic, autonomous and action-based culture.

Performance of all team members must be monitored to make sure that the right things are happening and proper accountability is in place. Performance can be measured in terms of actual results, or of time taken to complete a task.