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Slagelse Business Center
Business Development
Enterprise Solution

Per Madsen & Susanne Thagaard

How Slagelse Business Center strengthened its focus on top-class business development

Company overview

Slagelse Business Center’s employees help traders, from the entrepreneur to small and large companies, with everything from starting their own business to business development, growth, knowledge, and networking. Slagelse Business Center has an ambitious trade agreement with Slagelse Municipality. It includes specific requirements and objectives in relation to customer service, customer satisfaction and increased knowledge of the business center's services. Frequent reporting and transparency is a crucial factor in the agreement with the municipality.

Business Issues

  • A need to make frequent reporting easier to compile and review.
  • Insufficient internal focus on the strategic goals.
  • Lack of overview – data spread on different sources.
  • A need to increase visibility of all the great work.

The Solution

  • The DecideAct solution is implemented to optimize and streamline the reporting method and to create a better overview with all data in one place.
  • Increased awareness of how everyone in the organization contributes to delivering on the strategic goals. 

The Benefits

  • Simple, clear and efficient reporting.
  • More clarity and focus.
  • All strategy data gathered in one system.
  • Greater transparency and oversight throughout the whole organisation. 
  • Stronger delivery culture, where responsibilities and roles are clearer. 
  • Management saves time that can be spent on developing the core business.

"With DecideAct's digital tool, we can document, keep an overview and make our results and commitments as a business center visible - in an easy, digital and modern way.

Per Madsen