Crisis Recovery platform

Enabling organizations to execute their recovery plan faster, smarter, and more efficiently. 
Our highly scalable cloud platform makes implementation of your recovery strategy tangible, transparent and quantifiable.

Agile Strategy Execution

Do you have what is needed to drive agile strategy execution?

Whether you have a recovery plan or not, we offer a digital platform for Agile Strategy Execution that enables transparency and automatic follow up on the execution. The platform provides transparency and drives the implementation through automated follow-ups supporting a fast track execution with clear accountability and agility to support implementation, review and adjustments

Strategy Execution Management platform

Building excellence in agile implementation is at the core of the organizational performance. Those who build a unique ability to execute and adjust strategies in an instant and agile way, will have far bigger chances to survive and succeed in the future.

Businesses experiencing  crisis may need to change in order to get back in shape during the recovery phase. Success will distinguish between those that will thrive on chaos and those who will lose. The fact is that those thriving have used the time during crisis to change and streamline their operations in a permanent way.

DecideAct cloud based platform provides a unique solution for strategy execution that is crucial during crisis enabling fast and agile implementation. The platform offers:

Intuitive and easy to use, and No need for extensive training or special qualifications.

Automated follow ups help people deliver on the strategic initiatives.

The mobile app brings the strategy to the palm of your hand and makes it easy for any employee to report on progress.

Gives management instant overview of progress, performance and budget.

Drives implementation of recovery strategies and handles multiple and any corporate strategy plan and framework.

Integrates with ERP systems and other data sources.

Provides unlimited scalability to cover large and complex organizational structure and unlimited numbers of sub-strategies

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Need help with creating a recovery plan?

Our Crisis Recovery Accelerator (CRA) provides you with: 

A complete overview and analysis of your situation. Maps your organization’s potential while assessing its liquidity, optimization, and profitability. 

A concise roadmap to your desired state, including unambiguous priorities, measurable goals, and must-win battles. 

An all-encompassing communication plan that empowers and engages team members, keeping everyone in the loop. 

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Recovery Execution Platform

Recover faster & SMARTER

Cloud-based platform for organizations that already have the Recovery Plan in place and want to have constant overview and drive excellence in implementation. 

We offer quick onboarding and a professional digital solution for implementation and follow-up with access to system support.

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Recovery Accelerator

Executive WORKSHOP and
Strategy Execution Management platform

We take your executive team through a fast-track recovery planning process via our online workshop.   

The recovery plan will be deploy in the Strategy Execution Management platform that drives implementation and ensures instant overview, automated follow-ups, accountability, and reporting.

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DecideAct is a cloud-based strategy execution management & governance platform that makes fulfilling business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as tracking financial performance.
DecideAct is headquartered in Nexø, Denmark.

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