DecideAct Public Sector

Unsurpassed capability to monitor use of funds and adhere to policy throughout the strategic implementation process.

Execution of Public Policy

The DecideAct system has proven important potential with regard to carrying out public policy as well as enabling ministries to “follow the money” all the way through execution of government priorities within institutions.
The DecideAct system enables complete transparency in carrying out initiatives by monitoring three key variables: Progress, Performance, and Payments. It further promotes cohesion in large, cross-functional projects with various stakeholders around a common objective.
In a municipal government setting, the system facilitates collaboration between municipalities, without the need for a dedicated internal task force to oversee daily SEM activities. Provides an accessible and transparent framework to promote stakeholders’ cooperation around common goals.

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DecideAct is a cloud-based strategy execution management & governance platform that makes fulfilling business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as tracking financial performance. DecideAct is headquartered in Nexø, Denmark.

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