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Carry out policy and “follow the money” all the way through execution of government priorities within public institutions

Execution of Public Policy

The DecideAct system has proven important potential with regard to carrying out public policy as well as enabling ministries to “follow the money” all the way through execution of government priorities within institutions.
Due to the system’s capability to follow up of strategic initiatives as well as monitoring Key Performance Indicators and spending vs. budget allocation, it enables transparency with respect to carrying out specific public initatives agreed upon between the Government on one hand and the executing party, usually a public institution, on the other hand.

By monitoring the three key variables: Progress, Performance and Payments the system provides a platform for informed dialogue and agile approach to carrying out public policy and priorities according to objectives and budget.
Furthermore, the system enables transparency in large cross functional projects whereas it serves to build trust and cohesion of different stakeholders around a common objective.

On a municipal government level, the system also allows for collaboration between municipalities to realize synergies and work towards common goals, without having to build a specific operating unit to do so. Thus the ways of cooperating around common interests and goals through an accessible and transparent mechanism greatly simplifies efforts to optimize through collaboration.

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