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Danish tech startup at Websummit launches a funeral service for failed strategies to give them a peaceful closure

November 4, 2019

Danish DecideAct launches a funeral service for failed strategies to give failed strategies peaceful closure, at the worlds largest tech event WebSummit

Now a Danish company launches a funeral service to give failed strategies peaceful closure.
Recent research shows that 3 out of 4 strategies never gets implemented or fail to reach their goals.

Flemming Videriksen, CEO of DecideAct, explains:
It happens every day. Strategies that looked very promising when created, slowly fades away. With Funeral Service for Failed Strategies we want to give them peaceful closure, so work can be focused on getting strategies implemented.

The service is simple. A Strategy Funeral Agent will print your failed strategy one last time, put it in a cardboard box and cremate it. The remains will be returned to you in a timelessly designed urne.

It might sound like a gimmick, but we are deadly serious about it. If you give a failed strategy a peaceful closure,
you openly admit that you failed and can move on. We strongly believe this will help keep more strategies alive.

Why does a tech startup launch a very analogue service like this?
Flemming Videriksen explains:

The brutal fact is that 1.6 trillion USD is wasted every year in failed strategies. This equals the GDP og Canada or Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Findland and Iceland all together. Imagine how many global and urgent problems we could solve with that amount of money
We are on a mission to modernize strategic leadership through technology. DecideAct wants to be for strategy what accounting systems are to financials. So we want to help companies and consultants implement strategies, so they can receive the life they deserve

The new service I launched at the worlds larges tech event, Websummit in Lisbon today

You can read more about the service at

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