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Promise-Based Execution (PBE)
Nicolai Agerskov Kobborg

Strategy Execution Manager

How Inpay accelerated their bold mission to transform cross-border payments

Company overview

Inpay is a cross-border payments provider. Inpay’s mission is bold. Besides making the flow of payments easier, affordable, secure, and fast, the company wants to see a fundamental change in how finance is accessible globally. The company is named by the Financial Times as Denmark's fastest-growing company 2017-2020 and the sixth fastest-growing fintech in Europe.

Business Issues

  • Inpay was in need of a way to link directly from an ambitious strategy to the day-to-day execution, including cross-functional alignment.
  • Using DecideAct, Inpay created the linkage that enabled follow-up and tracking of results to the strategy.

The Solution

  • Existing game plans were sharpened and improved using DecideAct’s platform.
  • Everyone in the company were trained in how to use the platform.
  • An internal governance structure was created, managed, and executed through DecideAct.

The Benefits

  • Optimized governance structure around strategy execution.
  • Improved mapping, overview and tracking of internal dependencies
  • Quicker reaction when something went off track and faster adaption when conditions changed along the way.

"DecideAct is a digital platform that has made a difference for Inpay and deserves wider distribution.

Thomas Jul, CEO