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G&O Maritime Group
Maritime and offshore
Promise-Based Execution (PBE)
PMO - Head of Strategy - MBA, MICS
Mikkel Bondo

PMO, Head of Strategy

How G&O Maritime professionalized their strategy execution

Company overview

G&O Maritime Group is a global leader in the maritime and offshore industry. 

Some years ago, G&O Maritime Group expanded its business with 3 companies: Atlas Incinerators, Pres-Vac Engineering, and Heco International – world-leading maritime suppliers. By joining forces, G&O Maritime Group can offer significantly more products and competitive solutions through shared resources and expertise. 

Business Issues

  • G&O Maritime's expansion placed significant internal demands on strategic transparency, alignment, and focus to ensure ambitious growth targets.
  • There was a requirement for more discipline around strategy execution and DecideAct was a natural choice in this regard.

The Solution

  • The existing Game Plans were improved and implemented in DecideAct’s platform.
  • All involved in strategy execution were trained in how to use the platform.
  • DecideAct participated in internal review meetings to ensure optimal use and adjustments in the platform to meet G&O Maritime’s internal processes.

The Benefits

  • Concrete and clear strategy structured and transparent top-down and between locations.
  • All involved are active in adding new planned results and reporting on delivery.
  • Less time spent on manual follow-up.

" DecideAct's digital tool helps us maintain a discipline around our strategy execution, which is essential for us to achieve our goals.

Mikkel Bondo