Increase your Strategy Implementation Capabilities

Benefit from a Strategy Expert who will help orchestrate your strategy activities

Expert Service

for organizations without a Chief Strategy Officer that require strategy expertise

Add-on service

Expert Service is an add-on to the DecideAct solution. It is managed by our strategy implementation professionals. This service is offered via subscription or on demand. 

Who can benefit?

If your organization does not have a Chief Strategy Officer, this solution might be a perfect match for you. Or perhaps your strategy needs to be conveyed from your head to a structured framework; our Expert Service can help!

How does it work?

It’s a flexible service tailored to your needs. Our strategy expert usually works off-site, but can visit your location as needed. Let’s get started on a plan that fits you!

We can help you...

  • Set up strategic governance

  • Compile monthly strategy reports and brief all members of your management team individually

  • Structure your strategy into a logical framework or set up and fulfill the most common CSO functions

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DecideAct is a cloud-based strategy execution management & governance platform that makes fulfilling business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as tracking financial performance. DecideAct is headquartered in Nexø, Denmark.

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