Product tour

screen2DecideAct is a robust software as a solution (SaaS) for effective strategic governance. DecideAct makes the implementation of your business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as financial performance. The strategic accountability becomes clear and unambiguous. And the automatic follow-up ensures that strategic initiatives are carried out on time.

Advantages of DecideAct

  • Ensures effective strategic governance
  • Makes strategy work concrete, transparent and measurable
  • Secures clear and unambiguous accountability
  • Lets management shift focus from details to strategic management without losing track
  • Motivates the entire organization into taking responsibility
  • Creates a solid framework for an action-based culture

How DecideAct works

DecideAct helps management clarify and follow up on strategic decisions, ensuring that activities are dealt with according to plan and in a timely manner.

The user interface is a clear and secure SaaS solution, which means that it is accessible anywhere and anytime you need it.

DecideAct is intuitive and easy to use and requires no training or special qualifications.

screen1The system keeps track of strategy-related initiatives and follows up with reminders to those accountable.

This gives you the same type of overview of strategic decisions in your organization as the financial information you obtain from your budget and balance sheets.

A simple dashboard lets you track the status and progress of all initiatives—individually and collectively. Where are we right now? What needs attention? What needs to be done right now? And by whom?

You can even filter your search to include things like strategic priorities, critical factors of success, divisions and employees.

To start a new initiative, simply click on “New initiative” and give it a name and priority level. From there you can add a deadline, an accountable (the person responsible) and a sponsor (the chief accountable).

Now you can focus on overall management tasks instead of cracking the whip at your employees.

DecideAct’s algorithms take care of detailed management with nudges (friendly reminders) that motivate people to finish their tasks on time.

The system is self-learning and adapts to individual preferences and method of work. And accountable individuals, who receive a reminder, can easily adjust status to limit nudging to the absolute essential.

In this way, DecideAct can completely remove the stress associated with nudging and being nudged, while promoting responsibility, precision and on-time delivery.

DecideAct features:screen3

  • A logical and clean user interface
  • Automatic follow-up on tasks and deadlines
  • Outline of progression and status via the dashboard
  • No complicated project management features
  • Full application program interface (API) and encrypted data traffic for maximum security

Technology integration

Through application program interface, DecideAct can be integrated into your organization´s current systems. And all features can be designed to meet your internal guidelines.