Software for strategic implementation,
governance and accountability

DecideAct is to strategy what the accounting system is to financials. It makes implementation
of your business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as financial performance.

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What is DecideAct?

DecideAct is an intelligent Software as a Solution (SaaS) application that turns the dream of clear strategic accountability into reality.
This unique management tool focuses on transforming strategic decisions into action.
The system automatically follows up on the strategic initiatives that are critical to the success of your business and ensures that they are resolved. DecideAct supports any strategic framework, from PCFs to OKRs, or those customized by your organization.

A simple premium tool for executives to assign strategic accountability that ensures strategic alignment and implementation.

Supports any strategic framework from PCFs to OKRs or those customized by your organization. Strategy, priorities, decisions, follow-up and tracking in the same system.

Supports team collaboration and builds a strong culture where decisions are immediately transformed into actionable items to encourage desired growth and profits.


Monitors strategic performance the way your accounting system monitors financials― with a wide range of statistics. Tracks progress and implementation at any time.

Ensures effective strategic governance through clear reporting, dashboards and statistics.
Makes strategy work concrete, transparent and measurable.

Nudges and reminds automatically using intelligent algorithms as the never-sleeping stakeholder, to help you succeed and achieve clear accountability.

What our clients say

DecideAct is really cool stuff. Finally, someone has managed to optimize and streamline strategic governance, so it measures things like development, marketing, sales and ...
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John Jason,

DecideAct changes the way of strategic management and has become an essential tool that makes it simple and straightforward to implement and follow up on strategies. It i ...
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Jacob Tackmann Thomsen,

DecideAct is a brilliant little helper that keeps track of a long list of different initiatives across different business areas, activities and timelines. We use DecideAc ...
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Anders Fogstrup,
CEO Mundipharma Norden

DecideAct is meeting an important need of Reykjavik Energy to align the strategic work across units and affiliates and has integrated nicely with other aspects of the gro ...
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Gudrun Erla Jonsdottir, Group Strategy Officer Reykjavik Energy