Corporate Goals for People and Planet

Make your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts as quantifiable, measurable, and transparent as your finances

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The solution is suitable for all methodologies and frameworks. It can be customized to your needs,
and also supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals framework.
A fully customized digital solution
designed to integrate with ERP systems
and other data sources defined by
the organization.
Unlimited scalability to cover large and complex
organizational structures and strategic
Guidance and co-creation of processes and
governance structure as needed for
excellence in strategy implementation
and performance.

Managed CSR Strategy Solution

Are you serious about your CSR strategy implementation but lack a dedicated resource to facilitate it? DecideAct can help. 
We help you define and set up your
CSR strategic framework within the
DecideAct platform. Your relevant data
is imported to ensure system integrity.
We deliver a cloud-based solution and
our experts will monitor, guide and
manage your CSR strategy for you.
Receive monthly reports on your CSR
strategy status, with any significant
deviations highlighted for your review.

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DecideAct is a cloud-based strategy execution management & governance platform that makes fulfilling business strategy as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as tracking financial performance. DecideAct is headquartered in Nexø, Denmark.

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