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Blue Lagoon
Wellness & Hospitality
Enterprise Solution
Grímur Sæmundsen

CEO | Blue Lagoon, Iceland

How Blue Lagoon further developed a world class service culture

Company overview

Blue Lagoon is an icon in the Icelandic tourist industry receiving over one million guests every year. The company was founded in 1996 to harness the water coming from the power plant and has since turned its unique characteristics and surroundings into a well-known SPA also producing and marketing skin care products.

Business Issues

  • To keep the entrepreneurial spirit and world class service culture with a growing number of deciding managers to involve in the company‘s operations and development
  • A company that has been on an extreme growth journey professionalizing management and operations
  • Still very much founder driven

The Solution

  • The DecideAct software was adopted in all Blue Lagoon‘s operations.
  • Three layers of management was involved in the process extending to all units within Blue Lagoon. Everyone involved contributed to the formulation of the strategic plan for each unit and was accountable for the resulting initiatives

The Benefits

  • The solution has enabled a disciplined and cohesive approach to defining the strategic direction of Blue Lagoon
  • Management duties have been successfully handed over from a relatively narrow management group to a much broader management team
  • The organization is now rising to the challenge of creating a sustainable strategic governance function which can be carried forward independent of individual key persons

"The DecideAct software plays a key role in enabling a comprehensive review.

Grímur Sæmundsen