Strategy implemented

DecideAct aligns and involves the entire organisation in strategy implementation with strong engagement and clear overview and accountability

Ensures total overview and effective strategic governance

Makes strategy implementation concrete, transparent and measurable

Secures clear and unambiguous accountability

Why strategy implementations fail


of companies find lack of strategy comprehension beyond the C-Suite a significant barrier to implementation


say the lack of understanding by middle management is a problem


of companies have no one outside the C-Suite held accountable for any aspect of the strategy design


of respondents said that lack of buy-in from middle managers, line managers or both created a significant barrier to strategy implementation

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit. Results from 500 global companies with yearly revenue from 1-10bn USD

never sleeps, never tires...always performs

DecideAct’s algorithms take care of detailed management with nudges (friendly reminders) that engages & motivates people to finish their tasks on time.

Now you can focus on overall management tasks instead of cracking the whip at your employees.

The system is self-learning and adapts to individual preferences and methods of work. Accountable individuals, who receive reminders and encouragement, can easily adjust status to limit nudging to the absolute essential.

In this way, DecideAct can act as an additional support only when needed, promoting responsibility, accountability, precision and on-time delivery.

Implement leadership by design

DecideAct ensures strategic transparency through structural approach.

By designing the appropriate structure for the strategy and applying it to the organisational structure, the required integration and alignment becomes embedded in the performance design of the organization.

This is the most sustainable way of working with strategy.

Makes strategy as tanglible, transparent and quantifiable as financial performance

Engagage and motivate the entire organization into taking responsibility for strategy implementation

Creates a solid framework for an action-based culture

Strategic governance

Is about enabling the whole organisation to integrate and align around the corporate strategy. It requires transparency from top to bottom and vice versa.

DecideAct is the ultimate nerve centre of Corporate Strategy, running throughout the organisation, sensing every movement in all departments.