About US


Our focus is to deliver intelligent software solutions to support leadership and management to succeed. Our mission is to deliver a world-class system to support decision making, strategy development and tracking actions towards absolute organisational effectiveness.

DecideAct improves performance at the core of management. We support leaders and consultants in their effort to create a high-performance culture via making strong decisions with immediate implementation: Decide – Act.

Our mission is to transform strategic decisions into action!

Supporting decision making and strategic accounting are at the heart of the system, leading to clear thinking, transparency and improved corporate performance.

Our overall vision of is to become the leading software system driving strategic implementation and governance.

the Decide act FOUNDERS

Flemming Videriksen

Flemming Videriksen

Founder & CEO

Bjarni S. Jonsson

Founder & Methodology

The DecideAct team is headed by co-founders Flemming Videriksen and Bjarni S. Jonsson. We are committed to supporting your business through the novel approach of DecideAct. We have also partnered with the best people and companies for the continuous development of DecideAct. To support our vision we collaborate with consultants who support the DecideAct culture, building strong strategic accountability.


The Developers
The developers are experts in strategy and building high performance management teams capable of defining clear goals assuming the accountability necessary to bring them to fruition. The DecideAct system guides users in applying methods that build world class strategic alignment.

Company values

Our system is built to engage stakeholders in the strategy process. It has components to handle large sets of complex data, enabling meaningful decision-making grounded in collective intelligence.

Transparency in the decision-making process is built into the system. A decision support feature enables management to choose the optimal path, based on interdependencies of impact factors across the organization. The system then makes all project implementation and follow-up fully transparent.

Just as with financial accounting, the system has a built-in strategic accounting system that enables goal setting, strategic budgeting, and progress monitoring. Through transparency, follow-up and monitoring, DecideAct builds strong performance culture.

Investment opportunity

If you are interested in getting involved in our pioneering work in this exciting space, we would love to hear from you: info@decideact.net